Upper Base Camp Fishing Report

Reporting for the Week of August 17 to August 24

Water Temp and Clarity
We still have low clear water with water temps reaching 54 or 55 degrees by mid afternoon.

Weather Conditions

It definitely feels like fall. We have had cold clear nights and sunny weather all week! We have a superstition that if we swim in the river it will bring good weather. One of our guests Derek Fritz has been fishing with us for years and he is a believer in in our superstition, so much so, that he swam in the river every day!!

Hot Fly of the Week
The same flies this week. Dry flies are working great for Dolies and tlhe mouse and Flesh were the go to patterns for the bows.

Highlight of the Week

Quote of the Week
Fishing-10, Guides – 10, Camp – 10. Why would anyone go anywhere else?? Jim Hansen Grand Forks, ND

The whole package- best fishing, best accommodations, best food and best guides!!! Derek Fritz Francestown, NH

Wildlife Spotted
We only saw a few bears this week. The Speckled belly geese are still around in big numbers. Lots of birds along the river including Bald Eagles, Mallards, Pintail, Wigeon, Green wing Teal, Canadian Geese, Tundra Swans, Mergansers, Common Loons, Sand hill Cranes, Arctic Terns, Long tail Jaegers, Glaucous winged Gulls, Bald Eagles, Ruffed Legged Hawks, Kestrels, Harlequin ducks, Osprey, Peregrine falcons, Golden crowned Sparrows, Swallows, Common snipe, Greater yellow leg, Ptarmigan, Ravens, and Crows

Photo of the Week

Comments for the Week

Even though the river came up and we had a lot of rain we still managed to do well on trout. The Silver and Dolly Varden fishing was great. There were a lot of Silvers caught on dry flies this week.