Over the past 24 years I have had the pleasure of fishing with the Duncan family for a total of more than 50 weeks! That just about says it all! I am so impressed with the whole family and how they take pride in their operation, putting their “Customers” first with safety always being a top priority! I consider them family and would recommend a trip with the Duncan’s to anyone planning on going to Alaska. You will not be disappointed.
Jim Teeny
Fantastic Trip! Alaska at it’s best. Fishing for Kings outstanding everyday with lots of rainbows and chum Salmon for the fly fisherman. Food was best ever on any trip. Congratulations on the excellent, well run camp with all the accommodations.
Bill Klein
Always dreaming about the river and your letters keep that dream alive. Glad to hear you are finally getting around to doing the photos. You have our disk with all our photos on it. Choose the ones you want.
If I could give a quote I would say ” after many trips with the Duncan’s ,they continue to make you feel a part of their family. We look forward to the great fishing, being pampered by their guides and enjoying their friendship. They continue to provide the best fishing and service in all of Alaska. Save your pennies and make a bee line to the Kanektok with the Duncans “
Good luck with the news letter. I look forward to it. The gang sends their best and we look forward to seeing you again. By then the kids will be little bit older
Tight Lines
Great Trip! Reminds me of my youth. Never seen so many fish in one river.
G. P. Thompson
With Dave Duncan & Sons Outfitters in Alaska, you can find something for everyone. My husband fishes for the big Kings while I fish for the bright Sockeyes. I’ve never been anywhere where you could catch more big fish, I love it!!
Donna Teeny
After 19 trips to Alaska, I can truthfully say that the Duncans have the best tent operation I have ever experienced anywhere. The fishing is some of the best in Alaska, and the camp personnel are superb.
Lefty Kreh
The Duncans should be proud of their personal style of service and approach for the enthusiast fly fisherman. Well done!
Richard Hatfield
Of all the fishing experiences this old timer has had, none exceed the thrills of the float trip, the exhilarating wilderness of Alaska, the vigorous Rainbows and char and the variety of salmon. Memories are vivid even without the photographs!
Dewey Wells

Snohomish, Washington
I have been on quite a few fishing trips to Alaska and Canada and the absolute best are my two trips with the Duncans. The family goes out of their way to make sure that everyone has a good fishing and wilderness experience , and to top it off, the river is absolutely packed with fish.

Ben Magnuson

Monana, Wisconsin
I came to the Upper River Base Camp with three goals in mind: to catch a King Salmon on a fly rod; to catch a Rainbow trout on a mouse pattern; and to catch a nice Rainbow with my father’s antique case rod. My guide said, “No problem. We’ll do all those today.” And we did!

Stuart Brandes

My 4th trip to Alaska – This is by far the best operated camp so far! Great guides and food. Best of all is the relaxed, informal atmosphere created by a great bunch of people who really enjoy what they are doing and function as “a team”. Thanks to all for a wonderful experience.

Gene Heggestad
Great place to catch the “fly line fever”!! Even amateurs can succeed.
Leighton Steward
One of life’s great experiences; fishing, friendship, and a deep sense that when floating the Chosen, you are a part of one of nature’s masterpieces. I truly appreciate the efforts being made to preserve the river. Thanks for a great trip.
James Poage

Salmon Trout & Steelhead Magazine

Everybody should have the opportunity to run this 20-mile stretch of river with Brad in his Willie Boat. It blew our minds, making us wonder if we were fishing or riding a roller coaster at Disneyland.

Dick Mitchell

Tenth trip with the Duncans and was just superb. Great fishing, great variety of species, and my own personal best (45lb. King). Can’t imagine anywhere in the world to equal Alaska and doubt if anywhere else in Alaska can quite measure up to the Chosen River.

Keith Hall

There is no way to improve on perfection – guides, food, fishing, and the ambiance.

Rick Verhaghe
If Heaven is anything like this, I’m mending my ways. Absolutely fantastic, great food, cordial, qualified guides, and fabulous fishing – I loved it!
Bill Curtis
My brother and I have fished with Dave Duncan and Sons every year since 1982. They offer world class fishing at a competitive price. While I will always remember the trophy Leopard Rainbows, barn door halibut, and dime bright salmon, I’ll most remember the joy and wonder in the eyes of my eleven year old daughter during a week’s stay with the Duncan’s in S.E. Alaska. Some things just can’t have a price attached.
Larry McDaniel
Fishing beyond wildest expectations. Camp atmosphere and camaraderie superb. Personal, friendly, and helpful – a five star experience!!
Vic Quillard

Arlington, Wa.
I’d like to thank the Duncan family for the trip of a life time. It was everything advertised and then some. The flight up into the upper tributaries in the Grumman Goose was an adventure in itself but small in comparison to the experience we had for the next five or six days of our float down from the remote mountains through some of the most beautiful country I’ve ever seen. I can’t think of a better way to see Alaska. The fishing experience I can’t begin to describe. To say it was as good as it gets doesn’t go far enough. It was the best fly fishing I have ever experienced. Two rods bent at a time in the raft was a common problem we didn’t mind dealing with while we hooked more large fat Dollies and Rainbows than we could count throughout the day. The guides were expert at pointing out the more challenging “mouse water” for those huge Bows that lay in wait. “Hold on to your rod” is the best advice I can give. The guides seemed to have the set up and tear down of the camp along the way down to a fine art with outstanding meals prepared every evening. Hooking Silvers and Kings on a fly the final two days of the float was the best. Although I didn’t personally land a King it was the most exciting 15 or 20 seconds of screaming my reel can remember. A lesser man would not have survived it. If you love the wilderness and fly fishing this is a trip you don’t want to miss. I’ll go again and again.

Stan Johnson