Lower Base Camp Fishing Report Week of August 17th to 24th, 2019

Water Temperature and Clarity:

58 to 60 and clear

Weather Conditions:

Blue skies and sunny. Lows in the 30’s in the mornings; highs in the 70’s in the afternoons.

Hot Fly of the Week:

Small pink bugs for the silvers. Beads and flesh for the Rainbows.

Highlight of the Week:

This week’s highlight was the weather. The river is low, we could use the rain, but man are sunny days a blessing in late August.

Quote of the Week:

“Great hosts on a beautiful river in Alaska. It simply does not get any better than this.” -Greg Sharp, Little Rock, Arkansas.

Comments for the Week:

Its hard to have a bad day on the Kanektok in August. The river is low, the weather is awesome, and the fishing is all time! This week we stuck to the big three – Silvers, Rainbows, and Dollies. The Silver run has remained strong. As a result of the low water there aren’t a bunch of all-day spots but seams and slack water are holding fish. Small flies stripped fast led to many doubles. The Trout and Dollie fishing is fantastic. Kings and Chums are still actively spawning. Rolling beads and dredging flesh amongst the beds has led to some of the better trout fishing days of the season. With an amazing group of guests its sad that our season is beginning to wrap up. Another week of incredible fishing and memories on the Chosen is in the books.

Photo of the Week: