World Class Fly Fishing In Alaska Awaits!

Lower Base Camp

  • Kanektok mouth and upriver 18 miles
  • Big, bright and chrome Salmon
  • King Salmon, Silvers, Sockeyes, Pinks and Chum Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Arctic Char and Grayling
  • Top quality Alaska fly fishing guides 
  • Personal service beyond your expectations

Upper Base Camp

  • 30 miles upriver on the Kanektok River
  • Large Alaska Rainbow Trout and all 5 species of Salmon with Arctic Char and Grayling
  • Ultimate Dry Fly “mousing” action
  • Top quality Alaska fly fishing guides
  • Personal service beyond your expectations
  • Let’s Go Fishing!

90mi. Kanektok Float

  • The Ultimate Alaska fly fishing wilderness experience
  • A “REAL” adventure
  • Comfortable accommodations
  • The best of the Rainbow Trout/Salmon water
  • Arctic Char and Grayling
  • Top quality Alaska fly fishing guides
  • Personal service beyond your expectations

Kodiak Island

  • A true Alaska wilderness experience
  • Looking for a “REAL” adventure?
  • Comfortable accommodations
  • Top quality Alaska fly fishing guides
  • Steelhead Fishing Awaits!
  • Personal service beyond your expectations
  • Book your adventure today


Whether you choose The Lower River Base Camp, The Upper River Base Camp or the 90 mile Float Adventure, you’ll have a true Alaskan adventure, and you’ll catch more fish than you can count. Camps, boats, and each group of guests are flown to designated wilderness areas not accessible by other means, so you see country and fish in waters that few others reach. Each trip is personally supervised by one of us to assure great fishing and reliable service

Alaska fly fishing guides to remote wilderness base camps and float trips for leopard rainbow trout, King Salmon, Silver Salmon on the Kanektok (Chosen) and Karluk rivers. The good news is that there is no fly-out Lodge traffic within the Togiak National Wildlife refuge on the Kanektok river.

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Dave Duncan & Sons, Ltd. features base camps that are deluxe tent camps complete with spacious kitchen and dining facilities, as well as a large social tent. The sleeping tents are spacious double occupancy tents that will stay dry in any weather. The meals served are excellent and come with homemade bread, fresh salads, and large cuts of quality meats. The base camps even have a hot shower facility.

The Kanektok is an unbelievable Alaskan river located some 400 miles southwest of Anchorage and flows through the majestic Togiak National.

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